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Patient comments received via email




We have recently relocated to, Leeds, and have just registered with a Surgery there.

We hope that this practice can live up to the high standards that we have become accustomed to at Fulwood Green, across all areas of the practice and would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff for the quality of the service made available to us, over many years.

I will continue to have contact with the practice, with respect to the ongoing support that you provide for our 97 year old mum, which likewise has been first class.

A heartfelt thank you, to you all.




It has really distressed us recently to hear of the mounting pressure on, and from some areas, criticism of GP services. We thought we would send a brief email to you to go some small way to redress that balance.

We have always been pleased with the support from Fulwood, and during lockdown were really appreciative of the lengths your surgery went to help us. To date it’s fair to say that phone support has been all that we’ve needed. Indeed, as someone who was shielding, that’s all I wanted.

It must be demoralizing to hear your motivation questioned by some and hear of ever-increasing demands on you. We do hope that all your patients are kind, appreciative and supportive, but we suspect that is not the case.

In all interactions with the surgery (and also the pharmacy), you have been available, and provided the care we needed – never once giving us a glimpse of the frustrations and pressure you must all feel.

Thank you for being there for us and our community. Here’s hoping that current and future government health and social care policy will further develop our great public NHS.

Take care, and stay safe – with kind regards –